Peter Falkai

Peter Falkai

Prof. Peter Falkai, M.D. went to Medical School at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany and spent his final year with TJ Crow at Northwick Park Hospital, London, England. He did his medical training at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Düsseldorf. In 1996 he was appointed Professor of Medical Psychology and vice-chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Bonn, Germany. From August 2002 to July 2006 he was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Saarland, Germany, until in August 2006 he was appointed as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of

Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Nußbaumstraße 7
D-80336 Munich
Phone: +49 89-4400-5501
Mail: Mail an P. Falkai

Goettingen, Germany. Since July 2012, he is Professor and Chairman of the respective department at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany.

His research has always focused around the neurobiology of psychotic disorders namely schizophrenia. This interest was raised and fostered while working as a student with Prof. B. Bogerts at the C.u. O.Vogt Institute of Brain Research and later on continuing post-mortem-studies in the field of schizophrenia as a junior researcher. Parallel he performed brain imaging studies focussing on structural techniques. Since 1992 he has been able to build up a multidisciplinary team of researchers, allowing the use of techniques ranging from functional imaging to gene expression in human post-mortem-tissue. His clinical and research continues to focus on psychotic illnesses, namely schizophrenia and there on the neurobiological origins as well as causal treatment options of these disorders. He has been involved in creating treatment guidelines for schizophrenia for the German Society of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Nervous Diseases, of which he is head since 2011, and for the World Federation of the Biological Societies.